Top 5 ways to celebrate the new year in Techno style

New year is traditionally a family holiday. And what if we step back a little from the traditions and celebrate it in the techno way, with important people, having the same musical taste.
Below there are 5 options to do this efficiently, clearly and brightly.

Berghain, Germany

Speaking of the world's best true techno, no one can refute the importance and value of the walls of the techno church. The best lineup without compromises is concentrated in this place. On the  new year, girls will get a special surprise, All  the secret rooms will be open, which on ordinary days do not admit all people. The whole club will be a single well-coordinated mechanism and the chiming of the new year will mark another milestone of this legendary place. A lineup lasting several days will allow you to fully enjoy the moments and fill every cell of the body with techno rhythms of pulsating walls.
Line-up /
Answer Code Request, Boris, Dr. Rubinstein, Efdemin, Fiedel, Function, Kobosil, Luke Slater, Marcel Dettmann, Norman Nodge, Phase Fatale, Rødhåd, Somewhen, Steffi, Terence Fixmer, Volvox
Panorama Bar:
Cormac,Derrick Carter,Gerd Janson,Honey Dijon, Martyn, Massimiliano Pagliara, nd_baumecker, Nick Höppner, Roi Perez, Ryan Elliott, Tama Sumo, Tornado Wallace, Virginia
Chris Cruse,Dan Beaumont,Discodromo,Heidi Lawden B2B Lovefingers,I-F,Luigi Di Venere,Paramida,Prins Thomas,Soundstream
Elektroakustischer Salon:
Lotus Eater [Lucy & Rrose] (live),Barker,Etapp Kyle,Felix K,Mark Ernestus,mxwhd,Pom Pom,Rabih Beaini,Rachel Lyn,Tricky,Vladimir Ivkovic

Pros: lineup of your dreams, the best club in the world
Cons:  long line and strict enterance policy!

Epizode. Vietnam

If you still have stereotypes that people from Russia drink vodka, play balalaika and keep bears at home, then the time has come to disappoint you. The Russian really know how to celebrate the event with panache and  the festival Epizode is worthy of confirmation. The third part promises to open new names and maintain the brightness of the festival stars of international level. Meet the legendary sunrises and sunsets here . It is a  place of power, positive, unusual locations, a huge number of dance floors and music for every taste. Delight and colorful memories will charge you with warmth for a long time. Immerse yourself from winter to  summer, feel the drive, make new friends in the rave of friendliness and good mood. All these reasons are an incentive to visit the Episode.

Line UP :
[a:rpia:r] // Abelle // Agents Of Time // Alam // Alci // Alexey Sonar //André Pahl // Apollonia // Arkady Air // Asobitai // Atom™ // Balinsky // Bill Patrick // Binh // Black Sun Empire // Blapps Posse // Bloody Mary // Boym // Craig Richards // Dan Andrei // Dana Ruh // Dave Vega // David Gtronic // Davide Squillace // Deekline // DEIAN // @denis.kaznacheev // Digby // Diskonnected // DJ Masda // DJ Stingray // DOTT // Dubfire // Edge Pamute // El // Faibish & Gilinsky // Ferry Corsten// Fonarev // Freestylers // Fumiya Tanaka // Gabri-L // Gaja // Gescu // Gevorg Simonyan // Giorgia Angiuli (live) // Godwin P // Goldie // Guti (live) // Hibiya Line // Hunter/Game // Ion Ludwig // Jake Hough// James Mc Hale // Jay Mugelli // Jonathan Kusuma // Kerry Wallace // Kolford // Lady Waks // Lamache // Leeroy Thornhill // Lena Popova // Likwid // Maayan Nidam // Mafia Kiss // Mahony // Manuel Tur // Marcotix // Marcus L // Mashkov // Matias Aguayo // Maurice Simon // MC Steppa Style // Michael Mayer // MIIIA // Mr. G (live) // Mutantbreakz // Nastia Uvarova // Nic Ford // Nick Warren // Nikita Zabelin // Nina Kraviz // Ocean Lam aka Hypnotic // Oliver Huntemann // Oshana // Ouissam Mokretar // Pan-Pot // Peggy Gou // Peter Lankton // Petre Inspirescu // PHOBI9 // Praslesh // Ranishe Niyaak // Rasco // @redaxesmusic // Rhadoo // Ricardo Villalobos // Richy Ahmed // Rifain // Robin Ordell // Roustam // Sam Bangura // Samir Kuliev // Sammy Dee // SEQU3L // Serial Killaz // Seth Troxler // SHADED // Skatebård // Sofia Rodina // Sonja Moonear // Spy.Der // Stanton Warriors // DJ Steve Lawler // Subb-an // Sunju Hargun // Sunny W // Swoosh // The Mekanism // Thomas Melchior // tINI // II FACES // TYOMA (live) // Vera // Veronika Fleyta // Vlada // wAFF // Weng Weng // youANDme // Young Marco // Yzi // DJ Zig Zach // Thomas Franzmann aka Zip

Pros: sun, duration, very different and interesting lineup
Cons: price, long flight

Hyte. Germany

There will be no surprises in this event. Only techno and tech house veterans with a name and years of well-deserved reputation. If you don't like surprises and new names, this place will meet all your expectations. It is high quality, comfortable, thoughtful. In the end, stability and conservatism should not be canceled.
Line-up /
Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens, Anthea , Archie Hamilton, Black Loops, Butch, Caleb Calloway, Chris Liebing, Djebali, Fabio Florido, Federico Gardenghi, Ferro, Gregor Tresher, Guti (live), Mahony, Modig, Pan-Pot, Richie Hawtin, Soulphiction, Stephan Bodzin (live), wAFF, Woody, Yaya

Pros: quality, stability, availability
Cons: everything is too predictable


Another major festival on the map. There are new interesting names and time-tested dj festivals. The Spaniards certainly have huge experience and practice of organizing such events, you will not be disappointed. Stock up on sangria and meet  2019 with a smile.
Line up :
 2manydjs,  Cristian Varela, Dax J, Deborah De Luca, Dubfire, Fatima Hajji, GERSOUND, Shlomi Aber, Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace

Pros: available, interesting dj
Cons: small list of line-up speakers
Let's celebrate the new year brightly, make it memorable and enchanting. After all, there is an opinion that as you meet the New Year so shall you spend it.

Cosmo NYE 2019, ROME Italy 

Have you ever attended any Italian festivals? If not, it is time to correct this unfortunate misunderstanding. This new year gives you this opportunity to combine the cultural capital of Italy Rome and techno festival of your dreams. Various DJ for every taste will rush into your life quickly and brightly. From the well-known and popular has to newcomers that will delight you from the first minute of his amazing power and energy.
Joseph Capriati, Amelie Lens, Ilario Alicante, Apparat , Pan-Pot, Sam Paganini , Marco Faraone, Sam Paganini, Ryan Elliot , Rebekah, Raffaele Attanasio, Enrico Sangiuliano, Remco Beekwilder, Luca Agnelli, Roberto Capuano, Domenico Crisci, Black Asteroid, AnD , Bas Mooy, Klaudia Gawlas, Fabio Monesi

Pros: different lineup, location,  tasty Italian cusine (pasta) , new names
Cons: price

What kind of rave are you going to?

Article by : Ольга Година

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