Imagine the craziest party in your life, multiply it in 10 times, but even this simple arithmetic will not reflect the madness of what is happening behind these walls.

Let's start with the building, it is so industrial, large, powerful, reflecting the needs of the city and people from all over the world who want to join this incredible experience.

The queue in which you must humbly stand from 30 minutes to 4-5 hours depending on time, day and line-up. No VIP, tables, only a guest list for a few lucky ones who know for sure that they will get into the gates of the techno church and stay there for a few days.
The place is a cult, a place of communication, a place of interest, a place of power and incredible techno and sound that penetrates you from the inside and dissolves it into molecules.
Facecontrol, it is not only the famous Sven Marquardt, but his assistants also. If a line up lasts more than one day, the toughest facecontrol in your life will be under its scope.

In Berghain you can do everything, the ban applies only to photos and videos.

If you want to go completely naked through the club, welcome, you want to wear a harness, latex and fetish attributes, you are in the right place. Want sex? This is not a problem, a lot of toilets and a dark room will make your desires and lust be as comfortable as possible. For Berghain, everything is the normal, which does not hamper your freedom. When you put a stamp that will not be erased even from rubbing with the soap on your hand, you got a pass to heaven, although for most this place will seem like hell, Sodom and Gomorrah, but if you are gathered for a normal life, you have absolutely nothing to do in these walls.

Berghain, in addition to music, is entirely his underground epic audience, giving it atmosphere and emotion. I will not forget the grandfather after 70, who was in a classy suit of the beginning of the XX century danced in the middle of the dance floor, and he gives odds to the young.

All the best friends, positive, there is no gloom and bad mood. By entering the club, you become an ecosystem of what is happening. Perhaps that is why it is at the entrance such strict facecontrol, because any mistake is fraught with failure and coherence of this place, which beats to the heart more precisely than any Swiss watch.

Berghain. Don`t forget to go home.
Article and image credits  : Ольга Година

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