"Its time to be my own boss"

Peggy Gou is teaming up with New Guards Group to dispatch her own one of a kind fashion line called Kirin, one year from now.

Kirin, which means "giraffe" in Korean (her most loved creature), will begin as a top of the line, streetwear mark for ladies and will later develop into a unisex label.

 In a meeting with I-D, the in vogue Korean well known star,  talked about how the New Guards Group moved toward her after she performed at an Off-White occasion a year ago and requesting that her make a brand comprising of things that she would wear.

“When I first started DJing I wanted to look as serious as possible,” says Gou. “I used to dress up in just a white t-shirt and denim but now I know fashion is just part of me.”

Looks like she is not planing to stop with her new design line, Peggy additionally uncovered plans to present her own music label  "Gudu" very soon. Not only because "Gudu" means "Shoes" in Korean, also the name is likewise intended to be a brassy shortened form for "Peggy Gou does".

Resolved to call herself "own boss", also Gou is sure that her approaching music mark will be a hit, saying :  "at first I wanted to have just my music, but now I think people would like to know what kind of artists I support.”
 She intends to utilize the stage to help promising Asian artists while giving them the chance to play abroad.
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